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Norfolk’s Free Workplace Health Provider

Our mission is to create thriving workplaces with a healthy, happy workforce.

Born in 2017, we are Norfolk’s free healthy workplace provider. We firmly believe that a healthy workforce is a thriving workforce and we’re looking for employers across the county and in a wide range of sectors who are as passionate about their employee’s health as we are.

Thriving Workplaces mascot line-up

Are you ready to become a Thriving Workplace? 

Employee health is so important.

Here’s why:

How does it work?

Pop in your details below and we’ll set up a convenient time to meet with someone from your organisation (ideally a manager or HR representative!) to find out a bit more about your workforce and to see what level of help we can offer.


We want to work with organisations from top to bottom to improve the health of your employees and to provide you with tailored training and support to create a lasting culture of healthy lifestyles within your workplace.

Everything we offer is completely FREE and could include any and all of the following:


Access to our workplace culture diagnostic tool


Access to our full range of partners

Healthy workplace toolkits

Tailor-made healthy workplace toolkits

workforce health checks

Guidance on meeting the standards of the Strategic Gap Analysis

Training support

A range of healthy lifestyle training courses

Healthy workplace training

Workplace Health Champion training

Strategy for health and wellbeing

Support to write a strategy for Health & Wellbeing within your workplace.

Want to find out more?

Download our new brochure here…

Are you ready to become a Thriving Workplace? 

Still not sure? 

Not ready to become a Thriving Workplace just yet? Follow us on social media for all the latest news from our team!