Alcohol and Substance Misuse
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Alcohol and Substance Misuse

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NHS Web Site

NHS – One You

The NHS’s One You website gives information and support on a variety of lifestyle areas including smoking, drinking, healthy eating, sleep and stress. As well as access to their ‘how are YOU?’ quiz which calculates your free personalised health score!

One You Web Site

HSE – Alcohol and Drugs at Work

The Health and Safety Executive website provides information on legal frameworks around alcohol and drugs at work, along with a breakdown of the key messages in the law.


Change Grow Live

Change Grow Live is Norfolk’s Alcohol and Drug behaviour change service.

NICE Guidelines mental health

BITC: Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Toolkit for Employers

By using this Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco toolkit  you can support your employees wellbeing to reduce sickness, absence, and improve mental wellbeing and productivity.


The Matthew Project

The Matthew Project supports individuals with drug and alcohol related issues, including free and confidential advice to anyone affected by drugs and alcohol.


Talk to FRANK

Find support near you using FRANK’s friendly, confidential drugs advice.


Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous supports individuals to with personal recovery from alcohol misuse and addiction, and provides information and advice to promote continued sobriety.

Drink Aware


Drinkaware is an independent charity whose aim is to reduce alcohol misuse and harm in the UK. Their website provides facts, advice and valuable tools to self-assess and monitor how much you are drinking!