Healthy Eating
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Healthy Eating

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Eatwell Guide

NHS Choices – The Eatwell Guide

The NHS’s interactive Eatwell Guide shows how much of what we eat overall should come from which food groups to make a healthy, balanced diet achievable for all. Stick it up in your organisations kitchen area!

8 Tips

NHS Choices- 8 Tips for Healthy Eating

Visit the NHS Choices website for eight practical tips to help you make healthier choices!

Food Labels

NHS Choices – Food Labels

Simple information and advice on how to find, read and interpret food labels.


Beat – The UK’s Eating Disorder Charity

Beat is the UK’s eating disorder charity. Visit their website for information and advice on eating disorders including spotting the first signs and access to online support groups.

One You Web Site

NHS – One You

The NHS’s One You website gives information and support on a variety of lifestyle areas including smoking, drinking, healthy eating, sleep and stress. As well as access to their ‘how are YOU?’ quiz which calculates your free personalised health score!


BITC Toolkit: Physical Activity, Healthy Eating and Healthier Weight.

This toolkit provides practical guidance on how employers can support their employees to improve the health of their workforce and their business through reduced sickness absence and increased productivity.