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Is it possible to lose weight while sitting at your desk? The good news is there are ways around the health challenges that we all risk facing from spending most days sitting behind a desk or the wheel of a car.


The not-so-great news is to get around those potential health challenges we need to get moving. Here are three ways you can get your heart rate up and sweat a little at work without making a scene:

1. Take 10 Minutes

Taking just 10 minutes daily to do an exercise that increases your heart rate and encourages you to sweat a little, such as brisk walking, makes a significant difference to your health over time.
The trick to this health hack is choosing an exercise and sticking to it every day for 10 minutes. Over time your body adapts to the exercise and it becomes easier, that is a great sign that it’s effectively increasing your fitness levels! Push yourself to make the activity a little more intense every week to avoid losing the benefits.

lose weight while sitting at your desk

2. Use Moments in the day When You’re Already Active

Do you have to walk to get into your office? Try parking a little further away to fit in a 10 minute walk. Alternatively, you could take a walk during your lunch break, or even while you’re dropping the children off to school. Moving more in parts of your day where you’d naturally have to be active regardless is a fantastic way of improving your fitness and reducing your risk of being diagnosed with major health problems such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

lose weight while sitting at your desk

3. Do it Together

The One You Employer Guide gives you the tools to track your progress while you’re at work. Make your mission to move more something the whole team can get involved with by sticking the wall chart in an area that everyone will see it so you can track your progress together. If you are an employer then use the Active 10 resources to encourage healthier habits. A healthier workforce can lead to a more productivity and less sickness absence over time.

Throughout the summer we are giving you resources to introduce ways of adding brisk walking into your daily routine. Click ‘start’ to get your One You Employer Guide below.


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Click here to access our ‘Active 10 get started guide’. All of the resources are FREE and you can find lots of tips throughout the summer on how to keep the 10 minutes of exercise going on the Thriving Workplaces Twitter page.